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Gloves On Cock

Mistres T has her latex gloves on and she’s ready to play around with her newest slave. The sexy mistress is wearing her latex gloves and that’s pretty much it as she is busy jerking off her slave’s dick and of course getting jizz all over those gloves. As you probably know all of her slaves are submissive and they are all there to please her and to obey her every command. The poor guys don’t really know in what they are getting into but when they look at her they would say yes to anything that she asks them to do. No matter how many things you’ve tried out if this is your first time doing it you don’t feel so comfortable, but you gotta get used to is and fast. If you like seeing hot girls trying out different things you must visit allkindsofgirls.org to see the hot girls around there jerking off dicks and getting fucked.

The mistress is just getting started so don’t hurry anywhere else. The curvy blonde tied up her slave and then started playing with his dick and jerking it off. She really wanted those latex gloves all covered up in jizz. If you think about it’s not really the worst situation to be in. If you want to see more of your favorite mistress you have a lot of older updates that need to be checked out.

gloves on cock

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Mistress T – Fucking a tight ass

Last Updated: February 9th, 2017
Another fresh week, and time for some more Mistress T videos to be shown off to you guys. In this nice video you get to see miss T take her usual guy and just tease the hell out of him as she has him doing anything that she wants to. And for this nice update she seems to have just taken her time to play with this dude and his ass and nice big cock too. This dominatrix bitch was wearing one superb outfit too composed of some leather pants and a nice and tight red corset that made her look super sexy too in this video. So let’s see this cutie go to work once more!

As the cameras start to roll, the first thing you get to see it MistressT explaining to the dude what she wants him to do for her. And that seemed to be that she’s going to stick a nice and big butt plug up his ass while he sits upside down and jerks off for her. So watch him doing as she sais, and watch as she pushes in and out that big sex toy today too. Eventually the dude blows his load all over himself as he cums, and this cutie congratulates him on the job well done too. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon!


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Mistress T – Teaching the blonde

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today Mistress T and another one of her sexy friends are back to show off some more superb scenes. This hot babe with brown hair acts as a slutty little teacher today, as she has to give some tips and tricks to another aspiring mistress. And that fresh recruit is one cute and sexy blonde that enjoys the pleasure of BDSM and hard style sex. So for this fine day you get to take part in this too as you get to see miss T giving some nice sex lessons on how to make your men do your bidding any time you want. Well we know you must be eager to see it too, so let’s get this show on the road.


Today’s lesson has the eager and hot blonde learning a few tricks on how to make the guy submissive and meanwhile enjoy a nice and hot pussy pleasing as well. So just sit back and watch as miss T demonstrates on one of her lovely dudes. She ties him up to the table in front of this blonde, and then proceeds to take off her sexy panties to reveal her wet and eager pussy. Watch her plant her sweet cunt on that guy’s face, and see the dude getting to work on it without due too. Watch as the sexy babe gets her pussy licked nicely, and rest assured that the blonde picked up some tricks in today’s lesson too. See you soon! Until then, you can visit infernalrestraints.us blog and enjoy watching some similar videos.

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Mistress T videos – With Sidonia Von Bork

Today’s update is rather special. And as you can see in these Mistress T videos the sexy and hot mistress is not alone. For this one she got a good buddy of hers to drop by and have fun with her sex slave. And you may know the guy, as he was here once before, and that actually was in the last update that you got to see. And there he took care of our lovely lady’s big and round tits. Well for this afternoon, miss T and her gorgeous lady friend Sidonia, who is looking just like the famous mistress from emilymarilyn.net, intend to give the guy a nice and hot treatment too to make him feel good as well. But as you can tell it still takes place in a nice and hot BDSM encounter. So let’s get started.

The scene starts off with MistressT and Sidonia tying up this guy nice and tight to a chair. And as the blonde babe Sidonia plays with the rest of his body, massaging and caressing it, miss T goes straight for his cock. And she gets him hard pretty fast too. Watch the stunning babe stroke on that cock like a champ and see her jerking him off hard and fast just how he likes it. Did we mention that both of these babes were wearing some super hot and sexy leather outfits today? Well anyway, sit back and watch this guy getting jerked off until he manages to blow his jizz load all over miss T’s hands today. Bye bye everyone!


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Mistress T – With her slave

Well here we are again with the regular scenes. Today you get to see a fresh Mistress T videos update as this horny mistress tends to her little man slut in the basement today. She was feeling rather naughty herself and she’d have fun with him quite a lot today too. But she did intend to ride his cock by the end of it all. Once more she made her entry wearing one super sexy and hot outfit composed of some latex clothes and her thigh high leather and lace boots. She was looking just like mistress Karin, another kinky model from the internet. So let’s get this show on the road to see what went down shall we guys?


As MistressT enters the scene wearing her said, super sexy and hot outfit, the man is already bound and waiting his special treatment. Rest assured that this sexy babe intended to give him a special treatment alright. So watch her letting the guy suck and lick on her big round tits today, and watch her enjoying every minute that his tongue works magic on her lovely tits. Well she did present him with her pussy as well as it needed some care as well today. Watch the whole scene and enjoy the superb show everyone!

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The mistress behind the scene

Well this babe brought you a lot of hot scenes so far, and today she has a little surprise for you guys to see. In this one Mistress T wants you to see what goes on behind the scenes at her little studio. She wanted to bring you a more down to earth look at the whole thing, and to show you that even porn stars are humans as well. So let’s see this babe takes us on a nice tour of the whole scene introducing you to her crew and other colleagues that she shares center stage with in the super hot and nice adult film industry. We’re sure that you’ll like it and we’ll hope that you will return again for more.

As her little movie camera starts to roll, MistressT seems to be watching one of the sex scenes for a future movie go down. As you will see there were two very hot and sexy little ladies sharing a nice scene together. But you will see those two babes finger fucking each other nice and hard in the full movie, so be sure to stay tuned for that one when we’ll show it off. She goes on to show off the filming crew that are busy at work to shoot the scene in movie and photo format and they seem to be very much enjoy doing the whole show. So watch this nice and hot little scene and see you guys next week. But until then don’t forget that you can find similar content inside slavesinlove.org website. See you soon, friends!


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MistressT – Sucking Shane Diesel

Another fresh week and time for this babe to bring you more of her content. Today’s MistressT scene has the sexy babe that you all love getting down and dirty with some more big black cock, and we bet that you’ll love it. Sit back and watch as this hot babe gets to have more sexual fun in a nice and private hotel room with this guy, and rest assured that you will be in for some wild times with this sexy cutie throughout the scene. She knows that you came here to see more of her lovely body and she intends to show it off some more.


As in many of her scenes, this hottie starts off with taking off her clothes to show off those perfect ad perky nude curves that you all love. And after she does that, in comes her little date for the evening, and as you can see, she fully intends to have her way with him. Sit back and watch the sexy blonde hottie as she gets around to letting this guy lick her sexy feet while she plays with his big black man meat. Then you get to see her engage into a nice sixty nine scene as she sucks his cock and has the dude licking that wet and horny pussy of hers. See you next week with some more Mistress T updates!


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Mistress T handjob and milking

Well this fine and fresh week we sure have one superb and hot scene involving a Mistress T handjob to show off. You will get to see the simply hot and sexy babe put her sexual mastery on display once more for you guys as she gets to take care of a nice and big black cock. She got this bulky and muscular stud on her hands for today and she simply had to get down and dirty to take care of that nice and big cock today. One thing that you get to learn today is that this babe never says no to a nice and big piece of cock no matter what. So let’s watch this hot dominatrix take care of that man meat today shall we guys?

As the cameras start to roll, this blonde sexy babe with curly hair, tells you what she’s going to be doing today. And namely milking that big back dick. Watch this hottie wearing a nice and hot latex outfit that’s sure to turn any guy on when he gets to see her. Soon after her introduction the dude steps into the scene too, and this babe sure is quick to get to work on that dick. See her stoking it with her lovely hands like the true master she is, and see her continue until she makes the guy blow his jizz load all over her sexy little slutty hands today. Enjoy the show and see you guys next week as usual with more nice content! Until then, check out http://www.brutalfacesitting.org/ website and enjoy watching some similar videos and pics!


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Spanking and fucking Deviant Kade

Hey there once more everyone. Today the sexy and hot Mistress T is back with another one of her classy little updates. And once more she has one super sexy and hot scene to deliver as she brings you her gallery where she gets to discipline one horny and naughty guy for today, just like in club dom galleries. He misbehaved quite a lot while she was out today, and when she came back she just had to do something about it one way or the other. So let’s not waste any more time to see what this babe wants to do for her nice and hot scene today shall we?


This guys sure picked the wrong day to fool around with MistressT. As she came back from her little outing, you can see she was wearing her sexy blue top that made her tits look all the more juicy and round. And of course her denim jeans too. She started off treating his naughtiness with a nice and hard spanking session. But then she changed into her regular outfit, and got the dude all tied up nicely and submissive on a bed as she took on her strap on dildo. Watch the blonde cutie fuck that tight ass nice and hard for this afternoon!


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MistressT – In fishnets

For her super sexy and hot scene today, MistressT  decided that it was time to deliver some more of her more intimate little scenes. Today she has two of them for you in particular. She got  a nice and sexy fishnet outfit and she went naughty and wild in the back yard and in her house for today.  And there was no way that this babe would miss the opportunity to show off her sexy body to you guys once more. And so she went out of her way to bring you these two nice and sexy scenes today everyone. Let’s sit back and watch this babe go tow work as she does her superb hard porn show in front of the cameras and you guys today!

As you saw so far, Mistress T knows how to work her body on cameras. And that’s even more valid when she’s all by herself. The first scene in this nice two part update has her posing in her sexy little outfit outdoors as she plays with her body and shows it off to you guys all sexy and hot. She was looking just like the chicks from the hardtied.net website! She wanted you to get to know her body a little bit better and we say that her sexy and hot outfit hits the spot on that one. Then it’s back indoors, and a submissive guy awaits her return so she can have fun with his cock. Watch her tending to his needs today while she still wears her outfit and see her give a nice jerk off session to this lucky and horny guy today.



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