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The Mistress and The Slave

Another fresh week and as you know it’s that time once more to check out new¬†Mistress T pics here. The blonde and sensual mistress is back in black as it were with a brand guy and a brand new teasing session today. She’s the one true master of S&M play that you all adore and so far you know she does’t disappoint. she always has some superbly hot and kinky scenes to show off to you every week. This one is no different and it’s a superb scene featuring her totally dominating this guy as she gets all touchy feely with his body after tying him up. Well, there’s plenty to see in this one so let’s just sit back and check out the kinky BDSM action shall we?


As the Mistress T cameras roll, just as usual she’s first to make her entry. This week’s outfit is just a superbly hot and sexy blue corset. And as you know, she always rocks the look of meanbitches kinky dominatrix too. The guy gets trapped in really quick in front of a mirror ad the babe starts to play. Watch her running her hands up and down his body as much as she wants, and she doesn’t even have to touch his cock before he gets hard. He’s into this pretty much as she is and she soon starts to stroke his meat. Watch her jacking the guy off until he blows his load all over the mirror today. Then she unties him and has him pleasing her lovely pussy too as a reward. See you soon!

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