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Mistress T – Cum On Your Face

Hey there guys and gals. Your favorite mistress, Mistress T is back once again in action. And she’s back to her usual naughty play sessions with submissive guys that she likes to toy with. This time in particular she had another fresh one here on her hands and she was going to take her time to play with the guy and teach him everything she needs him to know in order to be a good sub. So you can bet that this week, the lovely and hot Misstress T got to use a lot of her toys on his body as well. She spanked and fucked his ass with dildos too. Well that should get you interested, so let’s get right into the action to check it out!

As the MistressT scene gets going as usual she’s the first to appear. All clad in a red and black corset that complimented her curves amazingly, a pair of black leather pants and high heels. Trailing after her, the new guy and a bit shy about it. But that soon evaporated as the babe started to get authoritary with him today. She slid on her gloves and first order of business was to bend him over and whip and spank his naughty little ass. Then as she puts him upside down, you can see her whip out a butt plug dildo that she wants to use on him. So watch her fucking his ass as well as he gets to masturbate and he ends up jizzing all over himself today too! Have fun with it!


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The Mistress and The Slave

Another fresh week and as you know it’s that time once more to check out new Mistress T pics here. The blonde and sensual mistress is back in black as it were with a brand guy and a brand new teasing session today. She’s the one true master of S&M play that you all adore and so far you know she does’t disappoint. she always has some superbly hot and kinky scenes to show off to you every week. This one is no different and it’s a superb scene featuring her totally dominating this guy as she gets all touchy feely with his body after tying him up. Well, there’s plenty to see in this one so let’s just sit back and check out the kinky BDSM action shall we?


As the Mistress T cameras roll, just as usual she’s first to make her entry. This week’s outfit is just a superbly hot and sexy blue corset. And as you know, she always rocks the look of a sexy and kinky dominatrix too. The guy gets trapped in really quick in front of a mirror ad the babe starts to play. Watch her running her hands up and down his body as much as she wants, and she doesn’t even have to touch his cock before he gets hard. He’s into this pretty much as she is and she soon starts to stroke his meat. Watch her jacking the guy off until he blows his load all over the mirror today. Then she unties him and has him pleasing her lovely pussy too as a reward. See you soon!

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Sexy Feet

It’s that time of the week again everyone and this time you get to see some Mistress T feet worship. Some of you really wanted the mistress to show off her beautiful sexy feet for you and she finally relented and decided to indulge you for this session this evening. Sit back and watch her showing them off in all of their glory today. To top that off, the babe also gets to wear one of her classy lingerie sets that she recently picked up and naturally she wears it for this occasion for the extra kink factor. Well, either way, let’s get the show on the road without delay and let’s watch it all go down already shall we guys and gals?


It seems that for this little showing off session she decided to settle on playing on her couch too and that coffee table in the living room got to be part of the act as well. To start off, MistressT begins by parading her delicious and generous curves to you all of course. And it cannot be stressed enough on just how hot she looks while she’s wearing her lingerie. Well the moment of truth soon comes as you get to see her remove her boots and stockings and those feet are all yours to enjoy. Watch her posing around in all kinds of positions to let you see them and on top of that, from multiple angles as well. It’s one incredible scene that we bet you’ll love and adore. See you all next week!

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Mistress T Video

This time we have a Mistress T video to show you and it’s one you’ll definitely love. You got to see the hot and horny mistress show off that she can handle her two submissive man sluts last week in a superbly hot gallery. Well today she comes back with them once again and she is basically bringing you part two of their encounter. As everything they did simply could not fit in a reasonable update anyway. So let’s take the time to check out your favorite sexy mistress in action and you can see her fucking hard some more in her amazing scene here today. And trust us when we say that you shouldn’t miss a single second in this superb MistressT video everyone!

Well, it’s safe to say that that bed got used to it’s fullest potential here today and she was really really happy to get to do it. It’s just so amazing to see this beauty moan in pleasure while she gets her dicking as well. Anyway, later on in the video you can see the guys alternating roles between fucking her and eating her pussy too, and eventually, she takes both their cocks in her holes at the same time too. She’s very very into it and by the time she was done with them they were completely exhausted too. But it was all worth it to make their mistress cum today too. Have fun with the video and as always come back soon for more content!


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Mistress T Fucked

Another fresh week and as always it’s time for another new show. Today you can see Mistress T fucked nice and hard as well instead of just checking her out play with her man slaves for a change. She may be the dom, but she’s still very very much in need of a good dicking very now and then, but lucky for her she has no shortage of nice and thick cocks to plow her every time she needs it. Today she plays with two more of her guys and you get to see her put their nice and big dicks to good use fucking her sweet and wet pussy without delay. So let’s just get this going as we bet that now you’er all curious to see what went down!


As it starts off, MistressT comes in the scene with two masked guys and she leads them both by the collars. She has this nice and big bed all ready with red satin all over it and the whole thing looked just incredible. Well she was quick to reveal her sexy little outfit too and as you can see it was some pretty neat looking black lingerie that made her look super sexy. Well after she has the two eating out her sweet wet pussy, you can see her bend over and take it doggie style from one of the guys as the other one gets to eat his ass meanwhile. It just makes for some incredibly hot and amazing images this week and you just have to see them. See you next week!

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Young Slave

This week’s scene has a new guy getting to play with the one and only “Mistress T” here for the afternoon. When he made advances towards her at the bar, the lovely mistress did tell him that he’s getting in way over his head, but that didn’t seem to stop him and it just served to make him more curious. Well, that’s fine, because the mistress decided to have him over for the afternoon and enjoy a play session with him as she shows him just what she’s all about. And you already know that it’s femdom, but he doesn’t. Well you can bet that he got to learn that fully as he got to eat her pussy and ass at her orders for the whole duration of the scene today!

Well, as you will see, it starts off with Mistress T here dragging the guy through the door. And while she was still dressed she has him strip. She puts a nice collar on him to signify his sub status and starts to get all nice and busy with him as soon as that’s done. Take your time to check her out laying on the floor in her sexy latex outfit and her white sexy lingerie and as her first order, she has the guy eat out her cute round ass. And he is suppose to just use his mouth and nothing else. So take your time to see MistressT show this guy who’d really wear the pants in sex sessions from now on with her and who knows, maybe he’s going to be back again in future scenes!


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In Chastity

Today’s new and fresh MisstressT scene is here and it’s as juicy and hot as you are used to rest assured. The new gallery that’s present here show some more new and hot galleries featuring the busty blonde mistress as she gets to play with more of her man sluts. Today’s guy got the privilege to be selected and got to enjoy her full attention in this one. Well as you can pretty much guess by now, the hot and horny mistress likes tog et very kinky with these guys and gals that she plays with so you can bet that she was up to no good in this scene too. Anyway, let’s sit back and check it out as you get to watch her teasing and punishing her man slut this afternoon. We can guarantee that it’s one show that you won’t want to miss at all here for the afternoon!


And of course her special room gets to be payed a visit as well. Once inside the guy gets stripped naked too and has his cock put in a chastity belt, but the babe also straps a strap on dildo to him too. Mistress T wants to make him fell powerless to even please her this afternoon, and only serve as a table of sorts on top of her leather clad table too. Anyway, as you can see, the sexy miss T also sports some juicy and hot clothes. It’s an amazing looking latex outfit that’s nice and tight all over her superb body. So let’s get to take the time to see her play as usual shall we?

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Mistress T Pictures

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back as promised to more juicy Mistress T pictures here today. The mistress herself is back with more of just what you want to see and it’s as juicy as you imagine. This time the lady had two guys on her hands and both of them are her sex slaves of course. So since she had the whole afternoon free, she had all the time in the world to play with them naturally. Let’s just sit back and take the time to see the superbly hot and sexy mistress as she makes them do all kinds of kinky and nasty stuff today while she watches and you can bet that she kept herself entertained with the whole thing today!

As soon as the cameras start to roll, the babe can be seen in her little sex dungeon with the two. And she’s all ready and prepared to toy with them as well. Let’s check out this juicy and hot scene with her putting some masks on their faces. Then she takes off most of her clothes, save for her thigh high leather boots and leather elbow gloves too. So as she was mostly nude she slowly instructs them to suck each other off. And while they get busy cock sucking one another, the lovely babe can be seen resting on the table masturbating at the juicy show she has in front of her today. We’ll be seeing you again soon with another new gallery, so make sure that you drop by to check it out. See you then guys and gals.


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Nude Mistress

Hey there guys and welcome back. You want to see some more Mistress T nude today? Well here we are this scene has a lot of just that going on with the babe. She was quite happy to get to show off her body to you all today and of course she was eager to do it too. As much as she is the dominant mistress that likes to tease guys, the babe sometimes also likes to have her fun by just showing off her body to everyone and this was just the case. Let’s take the time the check out her scene and you can see her in some pretty sensual action while she exposes her superb and sexy body for you all to see all nude this afternoon. So let’s not delay and get started already!


As the show begins, you can see her swearing what looks to be a big fur coat and what seems to be some very very bright red boots coming from underneath. Well as she takes a spot on her leopard print sheets on the bed, she starts to remove the coat and show off her amazing body to you all. Just take your time to see that superbly hot and sexy body exposed here today as she then starts to pose around on her bed. She still keeps the boots on of course, as they make the whole thing look extra sexy and kinky today. Well we hope that you have had fun checking this one out and we’ll be right back with more for you soon!

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Mistress T Free

If you want to see more mistress t free scenes you came to the right place today as the lovely mistress has some more juicy scenes for you to check out today. You know what she always likes to do, and that’s of course tease guys and play with them for a nice and long while until she has enough, and only then lets them cum. Well just like that, today she has another guy on her masterful little hands and she’s going to be having the guy do some foot worship for her today. And what’s not to worship to be honest, her legs look simply stunning either way. Anyway, let’s get things started and see the action go down without delay today shall we everyone?

Well as she makes her entry, she’s sporting wheat looks like a very sexy business woman suit. And following her dragged by a collar is the guy as well. As she takes her seat on that chair, she has the guy’s ball and cock tied. And he’s supose to tug on them as he tries to lick her shoes and clean them up nicely for her. The only trick is that she keeps on sliding a bit more and more further away just to see him punished. Well after she had her fun as we said, you’ll get to watch her stroking his dick and helping him blow his load today too. So have fun with miss T and her sexy scene and do come back again next week for another new gallery!


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