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The mistress behind the scene

Well this babe brought you a lot of hot scenes so far, and today she has a little surprise for you guys to see. In this one Mistress T wants you to see what goes on behind the scenes at her little studio. She wanted to bring you a more down to earth look at the whole thing, and to show you that even porn stars are humans as well. So let’s see this babe takes us on a nice tour of the whole scene introducing you to her crew and other colleagues that she shares center stage with in the super hot and nice adult film industry. We’re sure that you’ll like it and we’ll hope that you will return again for more.

As her little movie camera starts to roll, MistressT seems to be watching one of the sex scenes for a future movie go down. As you will see there were two very hot and sexy little ladies sharing a nice scene together. But you will see those two babes finger fucking each other nice and hard in the full movie, so be sure to stay tuned for that one when we’ll show it off. She goes on to show off the filming crew that are busy at work to shoot the scene in movie and photo format and they seem to be very much enjoy doing the whole show. So watch this nice and hot little scene and see you guys next week. But until then don’t forget that you can find similar content inside slavesinlove.org website. See you soon, friends!


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